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ALL ABOUT RELIGIONS.  Why are there so many religions? Do they all point to the same God and eternal destination? How do I know which church is right? Discover the origin of religion and learn the basics regarding many of the religions around the globe.

ANSWERS ABOUT RELIGIONS from Christian This is a broad coverage about the major world religions.

BE THINKING has a page on 'Other Religions' - includes cults as well.

CHRISTIAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE has been involved in researching for nearly 50 years.

EASTERN REGIONAL WATCH is, again, a broad collection of information on cults and religions.

4 TRUTH.NET has a very good overview of the major religions.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS, Inc. profiles the major world's religions from a Christian perspective (pdf files).

 INSTITUTE FOR RELIGIOUS RESEARCH investigates "’s religious claims in light of history, science and the Bible".

PROBE MINISTRIES has an extensive list and explanation of various cults and religions.

RELIGION FACTS is a very broad research site aiming to give free, factual information about religion. It favours no-one apparently, but is a very useful research site!

THE WORLD CHRISTIAN DATABASE provides comprehensive statistical information on world religions, Christian denominations and people groups. 

WORLD RELIGIONS from 4TRUTH includes Bahai, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, New Age, Occult, Sikhism, Wicca & World Religions Overview.

WORLD RELIGIONS INDEX exists to equip Christians to understand other religions.





The Rosicrucian Order by Adrian van Leen (Lookout). This article can also be downloaded as a pdf.



New Freedom for Peacock Followers? by Adrian van Leen (lookout)




HIPPO-CAMPUS has an extensive research page of religious topics including major world religions.




Do all religions lead to God? by Andy Steiger (Apologetics Canada)

Evaluating different religions: 5 reasons to start your spiritual search with Christianity (Eternity Matters)

Is Jesus the Only Way to God? asks International Students, Inc. (pdf file).

Jesus, Zoraster, Buddha, Socrates & Muhammad: The Life, Death and Teaching of Jesus Compared with Other Great Religious Figures by Edwin M. Yamauchi, Ph.D.

No Other Gods by Adrian van Leen (Lookout)

Should Christians Respect Other Religions? by Al Mohler 





Do all religions lead to God? by Stephen Cracknell. This article borrows heavily from 2 Christian apologists - Michael Green and Norman Anderson in order to arrive at a Biblical answer to the question.

How can Christians claim truth when there are so many different religions? mp3 by Stephen Cracknell




"WORLD RELIGIONS" by Dr. Timothy Tennent is a class introducing willing participants to 4 very significant world religions: Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and African religions.



L'ABRI LIBRARY: What about other religions? (Francis Schaeffer et al)