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The following resources are suitable for research. Some sites will have to be accessed with discernment. Also, check out our 'Articles and Essays'  page.



From ‘Tyndale House’ (Residential Centre for Biblical Research at University of Cambridge UK):
The free Tyndale Toolbar brings together many of the best Bible tools on the web.

  • Bibles: Quick access to the main commercial Bibles and 100+ other translations.
  • Languages: Quick dictionaries and full lexicons for modern & ancient languages (Greek, Hebrew, Coptic, Syriac etc., French, German, Thesaurus etc.).
  • Books and articles: Online libraries, specialist theology libraries and article subject searches.
  • More help: Links to the best of the web for Biblical Studies, preaching and teaching, concentrating on the best of the free.
  • News: Notices of events, publications and opportunities for jobs and scholarships.




THEOPEDIA is an online encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity. Highly recommended.

THE BIBLE ALMANAC is an online Bible encyclopaedia that was edited by J.I. Packer, M.Tenney and William White, Jnr. Individual articles can be downloaded, free, via pdf.





CHRISTIAN CLASSICS ETHEREAL LIBRARY makes classic Christian writings available and promotes their use.




MONERGISM has a very large collection of FREE online books (linked). Some links are dead but excellent books available to read.




Reclaiming the Mind Ministries has a large collection of theological papers.




RELIGIOUS STUDIES WEB GUIDE Arranged alphabetically, this VAST collection of online journals is a researcher's dream.




Tyndale Seminary`s Virtual Reading Rooms: Biblical-Theological Resources is a ministry of Tyndale Seminary - very extensive!




ALL ABOUT GOD has an exhaustive topical area that will amaze you!

AMERICAN RHETORIC is a site with multiple research links; well worth checking out!

APPRISING MINISTRIES "This time in which we find ourselves is one of rapid change, revisionist history and so-called “postmodernism.” Is it any wonder that people wonder what to believe, and even who they can trust? Although what is written at AM may often be quite blunt, considering the time of rampant apostasy in which we now live, this also is by design." 

BIBLE HISTORY ONLINE is an extensive website for research. A must see!

BIBLE TEXTS is a varied site containing articles, Bible resources, topics and online texts. Too many to list!

BIBLOS is very, very extensive and serves as a thorough, overall research website. Simply outstanding!

 CHRISTIAN LIBRARY AUSTRALIA is online library to encourage people concerning the Christian faith by the reading and studying the Bible and other multimedia Christian resources. You will find a collection of studies, lectures, articles and audio files.

CHRISTIAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE has been involved in researching for nearly 50 years.

CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY online academic resources includes links to theological libraries, general libraries, Biblical resources and general resources

CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW LINKS are a collection of very interesting links from Probe Ministries.

CHRISTIANITY IN VIEW is like a huge dictionary covering the topic of 'Christianity'.

HERITAGE CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY has a page of excellent research links.

THE INSTITUTE FOR BIBLICAL RESEARCH (IBR) is an organisation of evangelical Christian scholars who specialise in both the Old and New Testaments as well as in ancillary disciplines.

LIFEWAY is a dedicated Christian website that is multifaceted in all aspects of Church life and practice. Particularly relevant for church leaders.

THE NEW TESTAMENT GATEWAY is a thorough New Testament web directory of internet resources. It is an academic site; use with discernment.

PEW FORUM ON RELIGION & PUBLIC LIFE is a non-Christian site seeking to promote a deeper understanding of issues at the intersection of religion and public affairs.

RELIGION FACTS is a very broad research site aiming to give free, factual information about religion. It favours no-one apparently, but is a very useful research site!

RESOURCE PAGES FOR BIBLICAL STUDIES focuses on the early Christian writings and their social world. Many, many great links!

SOCIETY OF BIBLICAL LITERATURE was founded in 1880 to foster Biblical scholarship.

THE TRINITY FORUM has a very interesting links page - for Christian thinkers only!

THE WORLD CHRISTIAN DATABASE provides comprehensive statistical information on world religions, Christian denominations and people groups. 



SECULAR RADIO and TV: Use with caution!

ABC  Australia: ENCOUNTER past programs


ABC  Australia: SPIRIT OF THINGS past programs

ABC  Australia: SUNDAY NIGHTS past programs