Rob Donnelly

I was bought up in the town of Griffith in NSW, Australia.

During my teens I attended a private boarding school in Sydney. There I learnt to play the glorious game of rugby union which I still passionately follow today. Go the Tah's

As a child I always believed in God. However, that belief had very little impact on me. I lived my life independently of God doing my own thing. If God existed, so what? I was having fun. I had plans I wanted to fulfill.

After I finished high school I went onto complete a degree in Applied Science at the University of NSW in Sydney and later on a Diploma in education at Kurringai.

While studying in my fourth year at university a series of events made me consider God more seriously. It came to a climax one day in April in 1979. I was invited by a uni friend to Randwick racetrack to hear someone speak.  

The speakers name was Billy Graham. During his talk God became so real, I could no longer push Him aside into the background. On that day I walked down from my seat high in the stadium to make the loving one who made me, the Lord of my life.

I have been walking with God ever since through the joys and hardships of life. He has never deserted me despite my struggles and failings in life.

He has blessed me with Janet my wonderful wife and three great kids, Jonathan, Sarah and Joshua.

God has revealed Himself in His Son, Jesus Christ. He speaks to us today through His living word, the Bible.Well, what does He say? I encourage you to read the Bible and find out. If you're investigating Christianity a good place to start reading is the gospel of John.