Science Resources for Christian Teachers

Videos/ DVD's for Christian Schools

1. Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution: Volumes 1 to 3

YouTube preview - The Design of the Woodpecker

See Explorations films for more.

(Suitable for Years 6-10)

 2. God of Wonders

YouTube Preview

God of Wonders website

Teacher's guide

(Suitable for Years 6-10)

See also see our review of the DVD

 3. Unlocking the Mystery of Life

YouTube - Chapter 12 - The Complexity of the Cell

Intelligent Design Network Australia with Teacher guides

(Suitable for Years 10-12)

 4. God: New Evidence

YouTube - God or the multiverse?

God: New Evidence website: Fine tuning arguments for the universe.

(Suitable for Senior Physics, Cosmology and Religious Philosophy, Years 11 - 12)

5.  Ben Stein's documentary movie - Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

YouTube Trailer

A great movie about the academic freedom of speech in Science.

(Suitable for Seniors Years 10-12)

6. Wonders of God's Creation, Vol. 1-6 (2005) Questar

A description of contents from Christian Cinema and Questar

Reviews from Amazon and a blog post

(Suitable for Primary to Junior High students)


Science books for Christians

1. God's Orderly World

An excellent series of Science text books that teach from a Christian perspective.

The God's World Science Series is published from grade 2 to grade 10.

Highly recommended as resource books for Christian Science teachers.

Available from Rod and Staff Books