Shinto ('the way of the gods') is the indigenous religion of Japan. It is still very popular and culturally integrated; especially with Buddhism.

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INTERNET EVANGELISM has a stunning section devoted to Japan, with many very useful links.

The following are specific missionary organisations to Japan:






1. SHINTO, "THE WAY OF THE GODS," OR JESUS CHRIST, GOD’S "WAY"? by Richard S. Lofgren (pdf)

2. What is Shintoism? from Got Questions honours Jesus.

3. Japan's Silent Shinto Revival is an excellent article, written by LOOKOUT ministries, which makes sobering reading. Highly recommended.

 4. Shinto: “The Way of the Gods” by Tom Hamilton (Truth Magazine)



GENERAL WEBSITES - Use with discernment.

Encyclopaedia of Shinto (Kokugakuin)

Wikipedia (Shinto)

Japan Guide (Shinto)

Religion Facts (Shinto)

Religious Tolerance provides links to related sites and features information about Shinto beliefs and practices.

Shinto Concepts is a beginner's guide to Shinto

Shinto is a good summary from Kids.Net.Au

Shinto Online Network Association (What is Shinto?)

  BBC - Religion: Shinto (Shinto)

 Shinto (Facts and Details)



DVD/VIDEO: "Spirited Away" - The first Japanese anime film to win an Oscar.

Spirited Away (flash needed) is a film that oozes Shinto. Articles that connect this DVD with Shinto include the Journal of Religion & Film;

A Study Guide (pdf) highlights many aspects from the film.

Responses from Christians can be found at Christian Answers;

Wikipedia is well worth the look - a lot of links as well!

 Shintoism portrayed in “Spirited Away” (Thirteens Atlas)

 Inhabitants of the Spirit Realm (Spirited Away Wiki)




Various links include BBC ; THINKQUEST and FLAGS




Shinto Shrines (Japan Guide)

Shinto Shrines (BBC)

Shrines (Layout)

What is Shinto? (Layout - more detailed)

The Shinto Shrine (information on what is expected at the shrine by the adherant)





1. What is Shintoism? (9 minute video). Read Romans 1: 18 - 23.


2. Christian Responses to Japanese Religions.


3. Japanese Mythology (Creation of Japan)


4. Documentaries

SHINTO: Part 1


SHINTO: Part 2





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