Sikh Evangelism





Check our SIKHISM page which will explain the basic beliefs of the religion.




SIKH OUTREACH STRATEGIES: Sharing the Path of Truth with Sikhs. This new website is dedicated to equip Christians with resources and advice as to how to reach Sikhs with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (EDITOR: This page seems to have been compromised; hence, there is no current link. We will keep an eye on any new developments and re-post.)

 SIKHISM (4TruthNet) is a very good summary of Sikhism with evangelism advice.




A Comparison Between the Two Credos: Christian and Sikh by Reverend Tony Zekveld. This an article found on a Sikh website.

 Power in Punjab.Christians see churches — and opposition — grow among Sikhs by Manpreet Singh (Christianity Today)

 Sikhism by Bill Honsberger (Haven Ministries)

Sikhs Reached By Contextualising the Gospel by Kari Wynn.



TESTIMONIES by former Sikhs

Sikh Priest Serves As Saint And Soldier For Jesus Christ by Pritam Singh Sandhu.

Divinely Connected To My Creator, Master, and True Living God by Inder M. Singh.

I Am A Young, Educated Punjabi Woman And I Desire To Be God's Vessel of Honor by Navjeet Kaur (Word doco).

Jesus Appeared In A Dream To a Sikh Woman And Changed The Destiny Of Her Family Forever by Bhupinder Singh (Word doco).

I Have Received Unlimited Grace, Mercy And Favor from a Holy and Righteous God by Lu Luthra.

 Ex Sikh Muslim, New Christian. Testimony of Kalbi Massey (Talk Jesus)





 Sundar Singh, The Seeking Sikh by Dan Graves (




 Lions, Princesses, Gurus: Reaching Your Sikh Neighbour by Ram Gidoomal.

 A very helpful summary is called POINTS OF CONTACT FOR CHRISTIANS (free pdf download) is based on this book.




There is Hope by Rajinder Dhaliwal

Punjabi "Rabi Kavita"