"The Bible Unpacked" ... how good is this!

"THE BIBLE UNPACKED" is a wonderful set of resources that Paul Mallison has developed over the past 16 years, for use in ministry or developing one’s own knowledge of scripture.

It is comprised of a number of booklets and books, which can be used independently of each other. These can be downloaded for free and used electronically or printed.

Paul shares with us his fantastic labour of love ...


(UPDATED: 19th April 2017).

The material presents the Bible’s teachings in a systematic form and aims to make the Bible’s teachings readily accessible for all readers. It contains resources useful for people at various levels of theological understanding – from non-Christians with no Bible knowledge through to ministers. The material is largely composed of Bible verses under ordered headings, with occasional comments.

There are seven editions of The Bible Unpacked, ranging from the In-Depth Edition (1400 A4 pages with some 37,600 verses) to the Two-Minute Edition (the size of a credit card, for carrying in a wallet or purse).

There are also four study series, based on four of the editions.

Amongst these are resources for various uses, including: evangelical outreach, individual or group Bible study, discipling, scripture and Sunday School classes, devotional reading and preparing sermons or shorter talks. Ministers, Bible students and keen lay readers may find of particular interest the electronic version of the In-Depth Edition – a PDF file with some 55,000 hyperlinks, which can be downloaded HERE (1,395pages).

I began work on the material partly because I wanted a resource to give to interested students of mine that explained key Bible teachings simply and mainly with Bible verses. Around the same time I put together some material composed primarily of Bible verses involving a number of topics, which on completion I realized had the common theme of how to relate to people.

I then thought it would be useful to do something similar on the theme of how to relate to God. I also reasoned that this theme would be well complemented by further work regarding what God is like. Eventually I decided to attempt to put together material on all of the Bible’s teachings.

My material may be freely reproduced for use for non-profit Christian ministry purposes. To that end, electronic copies may be downloaded from HERE at no cost. Users are encouraged to print the material themselves. Alternatively, I can supply copies at cost price.

Although these tools are made available at no cost to the user, I ask in return that users increase their support (prayer and/or financial) for persecuted Christians around the world. This can be done through organizations such as those listed HERE.

Paul lives in Sydney, Australia. He is a son of best-selling Australian author and international educator Rev. Dr John Mallison. Paul has a BA Dip Ed from Macquarie University, Sydney. The majority of his working life has been spent teaching students from a cross section of ages and backgrounds.

For endorsements of the material from Dr Paul Barnett and other theological scholars and youth workers, go HERE.


The four largest of the 7 editions – the Foundations, Intermediate, Comprehensive and In-Depth editions – are now formatted primarily for use as eBooks. Each of these editions now has:
  • Listings of chapter sections (with hyperlinks to and from the headings in the text).
  • Scripture indexes as well as subject indexes (all hyperlinked).
  • A “quick reference” page at the end, ­with hyperlinks to all the chapters and other key sections.
  • Various other new hyperlinks, to aid navigation. This is particularly so with the In-Depth Edition, which now has nearly 100,000 hyperlinks.
  • Changes to the layout – including the fonts – making it easier to read.