The Prosperity Gospel


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The Prosperity Gospel (or 'the health & wealth gospel' as it is sometimes called) is not the Biblical gospel, it is a bad gospel. A child of the 'Word of Faith Movement', it is a cancer of the modern day church. At its heart is a belief that God wants us to be healthy and wealthy; a personal development message dressed up with Christian terminology.

It's often just a news story - see TIME magazine, for example - but at it's heart is a different gospel. Didn't the apostle Paul have some pretty strong words about a different gospel?



THEOPEDIA has researched the WORD OF FAITH movement.

APOLOGETICS INDEX has a neat critique of the movement.

MONERGISM has some excellent resources on the disturbing Word of Faith Movement.

 THE PROSPERITY GOSPEL EXPOSED is a website dedicated to exposing this heresy. It has a great collection of videos as well.




The Sad Saga of Two Pentecostal Pauls (Paul Crouch and Paul Cain) by Adrian van Leen

The True Father of the Modern Faith Movement from A Different Gospel by D.R. McConnell.

Welcome to the 'Prosperity Gospel' is a revealing expose.

What does the Bible say about the prosperity gospel? is a short, easy to understand summary.




A Charismatic Confession by Stephen Cracknell. An examination of an interesting blog article by J. Lee Grady (Senior Editor of Charisma Magazine).

Interview with Dr. Robert Schuller by Stephen Cracknell (per Michael Horton).

Schuller's Crystal Cathedral files for bankruptcy by Terry Allen.

True prosperity. Where is it found? by Rob Donnelly.




A Call for Discernment - A Biblical Critique of the Word of Faith (or the Health, Wealth & Prosperity) Movement by Justin Peters (see a different video below as well) can be downloaded as an mp3 and/or video. Justin Peters is a worldwide authority on the Word of Faith Movement.



JOHN PIPER has no time for the Prosperity Gospel. In this video, he gives his pastoral reasons why he 'hates' it.


John Piper justifies from the Bible as to why he has great concerns about the 'Prosperity Gospel'. Click HERE to access these very important resources.



Todd Friel interviews Justin Peters about the Word of Faith Movement.


You Call This Gospel? Todd Friel - this is a very disturbing video:


Below, are 2 major Prosperity Gospel preachers/authors: