The Resurrection of Jesus

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Evidence for Christianity - The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is a page on our site that is well worth checking out!



Highly Recommended...

BE THINKING has a page on the Resurrection as well as a defence of miracles.

DR. GARY HABERMAS has an exhaustive site specialising in Resurrection of Jesus research.

MONERGISM has some wonderful resources on the Resurrection.

 RISEN JESUS is the ministry of Mike Lacona.

THEOPEDIA is a site we also recommend.




'Easter – consider Joseph and Nicodemus' by Terry Allen.

'The Unbeliever's Impossible Task!' by Stephen Cracknell.




'Crucifixion - Could Jesus have survived?' (Christian Apologetics UK)

'The Evidence for the Resurrection' by Graham Veale.

 'Not All Dead Men Stay Dead: 10 Essential Points about the Resurrection' by Kenneth Samples. 

'Risen Indeed!' by Michael Horton.




Is there a Case for the Resurrection of Jesus? - Dr. William Lane Craig (7mins:30secs)




William Lane Craig: The Evidence for Jesus's Resurrection. Southampton Guildhall, October 2011