The Story of Allen Gardiner

Missionary Pioneer, Captain Allen Gardiner  (1794-1851) founder of the Patagonia Mission.

At one town, when asked what sort of a meeting he had had, he answered, "Not very good, but better than sometimes."

"How many were present?"

"Not one; but no meeting is better than a bad one."


Anglican History and

The last words in his journal, before dying of starvation and from the cold, he testifies of the loving kindness of God

"5. Friday.--Great and marvellous are the loving-kindnesses of my gracious God unto me."

"I neither hunger nor thirst, though five days without food! Marvellous loving-kindness to me a sinner!--Your affectionate brother in Christ."

Allen Gardiner is believed to have died on 6th September 1851

In his death Allen Gardiner was overwhelmed with a sense of the goodness of God which is evident in his writtings.

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