What About Suffering and Evil?


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APOLOGETICS 315 has some great resources including MP3's featuring William Lane-Craig.

BE THINKING has an extensive page called 'Suffering'.

DESIRING GOD has a vast collection of resources that deal with the subject of 'suffering'.

An outstanding website called SUFFERING.NET has an abundant list of helpful sites on this difficult topic.

MONERGISM has a very helpful (and thorough) collection of free MP3 messages on 'suffering'.

THEOPEDIA on suffering has some very good links.




The following free MP3 messages are extremely helpful in understanding true Biblical perspectives on suffering. The free series entitled 'Suffering & the Christian Life' is highly recommended without any reservations!

This 6 part series can be viewed HERE or as individual episodes below:

1.  The Book of Job, Part 1

2.  The Book of Job, Part 2

3.  The Book of Job, Part 3

4.  Why Suffering?

5.  God, Where Are You?

6.  Holding On To Hope

(To download as MP3 messages simply right-click this link on the above pages: 'Click here to access the audio file directly').




Suffering and Us … by Stephen Cracknell.

Marcus Einfeld on gaol life – God was not there for me by Terry Allen.




How to Answer 'Why Would God Allow Evil?' by Alex Murashko (Christian Post Reporter).

The Problem of Evil by James Rochford (Evidence Unseen). You can also download a free lecture on this same page.

 Why does God let people suffer? Why is there so much evil in the world? (Wintery Knight). This article cites a 4 page essay by Joe Manzari. This can be accessed here (pdf).

Why the Problem of Evil is a Problem (Apologetics Junkie).




We, at CHRISTIAN FAITH, ask that you seriously consider helping those who are most vulnerable - children. COMPASSION has a sponsorship program that is a blessing to thousands of disadvantaged children. 

Also, we are very keen to recommend OPEN DOORS, which assists persecuted Christians worldwide - in so many different ways.




'How Long, O Lord?' (2nd Edition) by D A Carson.

Top Shelf: Suffering (Review) by Michael Hill.




 "How can there possibly be a God in a world full of pain?" by Michael Ramsden (this talk can be downloaded free).




'Suffering and Evil' by Nicola Veale (Saints & Sceptics). A collection of YouTube videos committed to dealing with this topic.


This 1hour and 35minute talk, entitled 'How Could God Allow Suffering?' from Don Carson, is simply outstanding:


Why God Allows Evil - Sean McDowell