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10 Things Science cannot do (Logically Faithful)

Get up close and personal! View, very closely, a papyrus fragment of St John's Gospel, Chapter 18, verses 31-33, in which Christ appears before Pilate. It was discovered in Upper Egypt, possibly at Oxyrhynchus. It is part of a codex, and is the earliest known fragment of the New Testament in any language. It was acquired by the John Rylands University Library at Manchester in 1920.

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JOHN316.Rocks is an interesting website with many diverse links - including www.christianfaith.com !


'WORLD' is a magazine found in our Christian Magazines, Journals, Newspapers & News section. They state… 'We are dependent on God and independent of any political faction or interest group. We don't let advertisers influence news content. We don't print glorified press releases.'


At What Age Should Parents Start Training Kids to Defend Their Faith? (Stand to Reason)


What the Earliest Non-Biblical Authors Say About Jesus (Free Bible Insert) from Cold-Case Christianity


Why does God let people suffer? Why is there so much evil in the world? (Wintery Knight). This article cites a 4 page essay by Joe Manzari.


This month’s featured MP3 SERMON DOWNLOAD is from… Roosevelt Community Church (Phoenix) features the preaching of Vermon Pierre (a graduate of Princeton University and has a Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School).


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“Everyone's a Theologian. An Introduction to Systematic Theology”

  • Author:           R. C. Sproul
  • Narrator:         Grover Gardner
  • Runtime:        11 Hrs. - Unabridged
  • Publisher:      christianaudio
  • Downloads:   MP3 (ZIP) and/or M4B


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