The Big List of Christian Podcasts (Reasonable Theology). If you like Christian podcasts – then you will love this!!

As a result of a sincere reader’s query we have started a brand new page on Anabaptists.

JOSH McDOWELL MINISTRY. "The purpose of Josh McDowell Ministry is serving others until the whole world hears about Jesus."


Terry Allen (Christian Faith) has uploaded a 10 part mp3 series on ‘The Prodigal Son’. He says, “The parable is not too difficult to understand at a basic level, but my contention is that as we read this profound story, we do so with assumptions.

Many Christians understand it as God wanting to tell sinners he loves them no matter what - and then stop there. But there's so much more to it.

AND, there is a sting in the tail. How do you think the story of this family would have ended had Jesus continued the narrative? My conclusion might surprise you…”


An Exposition of Hebrews (free eBook - Monergism) by A. W. Pink. (Available in EPUB and .MOBI formats).


We have also started a brand new page on THE GOSPEL.


BIBLE STUDY FILE SERVER has a little bit of everything!


Brigham Young was a False Prophet by Stephen J. Bedard (Hope's Reason).


This month’s featured MP3 SERMON DOWNLOAD is from… the very famous (and respected) J.C. Ryle - 109 Sermons and Other Works from Monergism.


FREE AUDIOBOOK DOWNLOAD for this month only via Christian Audio (look for the rotating yellow star!) is …

Eight Twenty Eight: When Love Didn’t Give Up

  • Authors:     Larissa Murphy & Ian Murphy
  • Narrator:       Erin Spencer 
  • Runtime:        8 Hrs. - Unabridged
  • Publisher:      Christian Audio
  • Downloads:   ZIP MP3 M4B

“During this wedding season, this incredible story challenges us to mirror God’s love for us. Several years ago, Desiring God posted the story of Ian and Larissa Murphy. This amazing testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness touched many. Listen to Eight Twenty Eight: When Love Didn’t Give Up and be changed by a love story that consistently echoes the persistent love of Christ, and extols a joy deeper than any horrible circumstance.”  Christian Audio

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