Who is this guy called Jesus? Six reasons I think he is in fact the Son of God as he claimed by Dr. Bruce Watts

Are there justifiable reasons to believe that Jesus was more than a mere man?

Dr. Bruce Watts shares with us 6 key reasons as to why he personally believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Each key reason is compelling, well articulated and thought-provoking.

1. The reality of God surrounds us and is unavoidable to the unprejudiced mind. 

Key reasons for me to think this way are:

Humans are full of, and appreciative of, - beauty, love, music, imagination, maths, logic, literature, art, kindness, laughter, humour and nobility of spirit. None of this has any reasonable explanation in evolutionary theory. It is far more consistent with being created in the image of God. For example, see The beauty of the peacock tail and the problems with the theory of sexual selection by Stuart Burgess.

The universe generally, and this planet specifically, is finely tuned to allow life to exist. Not only that, the universe and this planet are aesthetic and beautiful in form and design (see The universe is finely tuned for life by Jonathan Sarfati).

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Spirituality and a thirst for God are part of every human… this is consistent with intrinsically being a spiritual being, not just rearranged pond scum.

The existence of morality as an entity in itself, real and universal, is only reasonably explained by the existence of God who gives morality its basis and creates humans with an innate moral dimension (see CHRISTIAN FAITH on morality).

The concept of the God-free origin and subsequent God-free evolution of biological complexity is mathematical nonsense, unsupported by the evidence of biology, genetics and the fossil record (see Origin of life. An explanation of what is needed for abiogenesis (or biopoiesis) by Don Batten). An excellent book on this topic is "The Mystery of Life's Origin" by Thaxton, Bradley and Olsen. 

The fundamental nature of biological ecosystems fits better with the idea of biodiversity than survival of the fittest.  Biological systems are designed to work together and organisms provide services to the ecosystem rather than simply competing as 'selfish genes' (see Ecology, biodiversity and Creation by Henry Zuill).

If God is real, and He created man to be spiritual and have language, then we have a basis for believing that thoughts, and the languages that communicate them can express true truth and correspond to a reality that is actually there. We all live as if the world is real, words actually communicate meaningful things and true things can actually be known. It’s just that this makes sense in a God-created world but isn’t necessarily true in a world where our thoughts are just unreliable electric impulses buzzing around in a “computer made of meat” as one atheistic philosopher puts it (see Start with Loving God with all your mind: logic and creation by Jonathan D. Sarfati).


2.  Jesus says and does the things that are consistent with his claim to be the creator God.  

This includes his miracles, his incredible insight into the human condition, his teachings, his death and resurrection. He is utterly not like me. As a young atheist, the thing that really first made me sit up and take notice of Jesus was reading the Bible’s account of the crucifixion and having Jesus say, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. For me, it was like the temple guards…. "No one ever spoke or behaved like this!"  If you want to read some more on this point, I suggest you start with Luke's gospel in the Bible. For articles and discussions start at APOLOGETICS from 'Christian Faith'. This will keep you busy a while!


3. The Resurrection of Jesus is most consistent with the Gospel accounts being true.  

Other explanations fall short and the resurrection is the key sign that Jesus is in fact master of life and the Messiah as he claimed. The life and destiny of the apostles, including Paul, powerfully testify that Jesus' resurrection was a real event that they actually witnessed. "Who Moved The Stone?" is a good book to start with... you can buy it at Koorong or Amazon.


4. The Bible is the most incredible collection of writings.  

The Old Testament details the specific prophecies about Jesus and the specific nature of the Messiah over a period of over 1000 years. The Old Testament component was completed long before Jesus lived and looks forward to the coming of Jesus. Jesus, Peter, Stephen and Paul all argue from this foundation to explain who Jesus is when they preached the Gospel. I regard the scriptures as reliable in content and transmission.  History unfolds under the control and direction of God and it is God’s canvas on which he paints his great plan of love, mercy and redemption through Jesus, planned right from the beginning of the world.  Archaeology has strongly confirmed the historicity of the Old and New Testaments over the last 150 years (see Archaeologist confirms creation and the Bible. Interview with archaeologist Dr Clifford Wilson … by Dr Carl Wieland, as well as a useful prophecy video which can be downloaded here.)


5. The Holy Spirit testifies in our hearts to the reality of Jesus.  

Jesus said 'the Spirit will guide you into all the truth' (John 16). Paul talks about the Spirit testifying with our spirit that we are God’s children and by the Spirit we cry “Abba- father” (Romans 8). Not only that, rivers of life-giving, refreshing, love and kindness do pour out of those who truly belong to Jesus (see Assurance by Inner Witness? Romans 8:16 by Bob Wilkin).


6. The Gospel is simple and beautiful and makes no sense from a human perspective.  

No human would ever invent this … it’s free for goodness sake!  In 1 Corinthians Ch.1, Paul tells us that he preached a straight forward, easy-to-understand message about Jesus being crucified for our sins; that we are forgiven freely out of God’s undeserved love because Jesus took the punishment we deserved.  You don’t have to be Einstein. You don’t have to be or do or achieve anything. You cannot earn it. You do not need any signs or wonders. You just have to come to Jesus and you just have to believe in Him. As Paul said “Jews demand signs, Greeks look for wisdom but we preach Christ crucified.” Who would ever invent this but God?  



1. Hear James White give a free MP3, 27 minute talk on "Why I am a Christian" by clicking here.

2. Download Dr. Bruce Watts' sermon below (October 2014) based on John 7:37-52 and the article above.


Dr. Bruce Watts is an elder at Coffs Harbour Presbyterian Church (Harbourside).

He is also a medical doctor at Baringa Private Hospital at Coffs Harbour.