Why am I not a boy?

Can you imagine that your husband abandoned you just because you gave birth to two girls? Can you imagine that your father has no interest in you because you are girl? Can you imagine a life growing up as eight years old girl, knowing that your father left you and your mother just because you are girl, not boy?

Bhagya Lakshmi has been living with the truth that her father left her, her sister and mother just because she is girl. It has made a huge impact on her. Her heart is already wounded. She has grown up witnessing the father’s physical abuse and accusations on her mother for not giving birth to boy. Bhagya Lakshmi and her mother used to cry for hours after her father gone out. Her father showed no interest at all to have girls. So he left girls and mother on the street and walked away.

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Bhagya Lakshmi cried out many times, why I am not a boy? If she was a boy, her father would have liked her so much. What is wrong with a girl? She searched for an answer to this question. But no answer. It is hard for an eight year old to understand it. She has grown up with a mindset that she is not worthy and not valued.

It is sad that still the majority of Indians want to have boy, than girl. For religious purposes, for carrying family line, for dowry and for different reasons, they want boy. So it is sad that men leave mothers and girls on the street just because they gave birth to girls. In many cases, little girls are thrown away into dust bins just because they are girls.

Life was so hard for Bhagya Lakshmi, her mother and little sister. Life was so miserable. Her mother is working in the fields to get some money to look after the girls. Bhagya Lakshmi was attending a government school where there are very little facilities. In India, while many children can go to government schools, sadly they miss out on quality education. Public schools in the country have very large class sizes, few textbooks and school supplies, which mean that students have difficulties learning the vital information they need in order to finish their schooling.

Bhagya Lakshmi started at LIGHT Home recently and is studying Year 3. Her studies at LIGHT UP School will open up lots of possibilities for her. Her mother works as an agricultural labourer. So previously providing a good quality education would have been beyond her reach. Bhagya Lakshmi’s dream would have been limited, however now, with a free-quality education, she has a future full of choices. Bhagya Lakshmi is able to develop her knowledge of English, Computing in a high-quality learning environment. Lessons are fun and interactive and thanks to the nutritious meals which are provided. She likes the colour pink and skipping. Her dream is to become a doctor. She wants to wipe away her mother’s tears.

Her teacher finds Bhagya Lakshmi a pleasure to teach and notes she tries hard in all of her subjects. Bhagya Lakshmi is a kind, very hard working person who shows great interest to learn and prays for everyone. She likes helping in the kitchen, chopping veggies.

She has embarked on one of the most important journeys of her life and now has the chance to lift herself. At LIGHT Home she learned how much God loves her. She is so happy for the great friends she has at LIGHT Home who love her so much.  Now she is a happy girl whose wounds are being healed by the Love of God and by the love of LIGHT Family. She still remembers her past but that doesn’t affect her future. She sees herself as a new person who is valued and loved.

We are praying for a sponsor for Bhagya Lakshmi who can help her to pursue her dream. Can you please pray for Bhagya Lakshmi? 

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