Worldviews incl Atheism



'BE THINKING' has a highly recommended and extensive page, called CULTURE + WORLDVIEW. Relating our faith to our culture

'BE THINKING' also has a highly recommended and extensive page called TRUTH + TOLERANCE. Issues of pluralism and postmodernism

SUMMIT MINISTRIES is a committed website re: worldviews. Some of the resources below are linked to this excellent site.

THINK CHRISTIANLY is expertly run by Jonathan Morrow (M.Div. and an M.A. in philosophy of religion and ethics).





Worldview Chart (very, very helpful) can be viewed here (a 'pdf' option is available too).




Worldview Dictionary is also extremely helpful!




‘God and Culture’ by Paul Edwards. He has been in ministry full-time as a pastor since 1989.




WORLDVIEW QUIZ from ChristiaNet




Toward A Worldview by John H. Stoll, Th.M., Ph.D (Biblical Principles for Christian Maturity)

Do Christians Have a Worldview? by Graham Cole (Christ on Campus Initiative (CCI)). Can be read online and/or as a PDF download.

Four Essential Questions For Teaching From A Christian Worldview (Think Christianly). This is brief and to the point!

Just Genes: A worldview tool (pdf) by Peter Leslie (AFES) is a wonderful resource! "In your genes? It’s just a tool to get anybody thinking about what they believe or live for. We ask six big questions, present 5 possible answers and ask people to work out which answer best resonates with them. And to help stimulate the brain cells we  make a few pithy comments and say a few words about Christianity. If words are not your thing you can look at some diagrams and work out which best portrays how you think and live."

 Why Is a Christian Worldview Important? A series by Del Tackett (Focus on the Family).

1. Why Is a Christian Worldview Important?
2. A Real Foundation
3. Living in Reality
4. Choosin' My Religion
5. When No One Is Wrong: A Response to the Interfaith Movement







BIBLICAL CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW. The first program is featured below:



Ravi Zacharias - On Worldviews and the task of a Christian Apologist