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Should a Christian, or anyone else for that matter, practice 'yoga'? Is 'Yoga' a neutral exercise regime? Is there more to 'yoga' than meets the eye?



The following websites may be helpful ....

SPIRITUAL RESEARCH NETWORK YOGA and Christian YOGA: All the things they failed to warn you about! Resources on the Philosophy, Teachings and Dangers of Yoga.


DESIRING GOD The Gospel is not mantra. The gospel is not yoga - John Piper.

LET US REASON YOGA Today's lifestyle for health.

ANKERBURG Innocent yoga?

LIGHTHOUSE TRAIL RESEARCH  YOGA - Just Exercise or a Hindu Religion? as well as their ... 'Archive for the ‘Yoga’ Category'

CBN.COM Should Christians Do Yoga? by Laura J. Bagby ( Sr. Producer0

CHRISTIANITY TODAY 1 The Truth About Yoga. Yoga led Laurette Willis into a New Age lifestyle. Now she's warning others of the spiritual pitfalls—and offering an alternative.

CHRISTIANITY TODAY 2  Search results for 'yoga'.

CHRISTIAN POST Hypnosis and Yoga Open Hidden Spiritual Doors





The Subtle Body — Should Christians Practice Yoga? by Al Mohler

A number of yoga related articles, various headings all on one page, can be found at CHRISTIAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE


The Successful Subtle Softsell of Raja Yoga - CCGM Tract by Adrian van Leen

What is Yoga? by Judy Vorfeld

Yoga – A Christian Perspective by Caryl Matrisciana.




This video clearly links yoga with Eastern religions. Caryl Matrisciana was born in India and is a world authority on Hinduism and the New Age Movement.


Nothing like a good debate!


The following is a short radio link. It's a telling discussion between Todd Friel (a Christian) and a Hindu leader who is rightly miffed that people have ripped 'yoga' out of Hinduism. Well worth the 3 minutes to listen in.