Young Earth Creation


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The following websites are very well known as the premier websites for a literal, historical view of Genesis; that is, an actual 6-Day-Creation account:

ANSWERS IN GENESIS (USA): Ken Ham and many others.

CREATION MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL (Australia): Dr Carl Wieland and many others.




CREATION RESEARCH (Australia): Jon Mackay.

 JOHN GIDEON HARTNETT has a website that is most informative. John (B.Sc. (Hons) and Ph.D. (with distinction) in Physics) is a physicist and cosmologist. He is currently an Associate Professor in Adelaide, South Australia.




CREATION MAGAZINE LIVE! is an extensive multimedia presentation of Creation Ministries International. You can watch online or download episodes via MP4 and/or WMV. Highly recommended!

CREATION SCIENCE EVANGELISM is another scientific Christian ministry focusing on topics such as creation vs evolution, the age of of the earth, dinosaurs and the interpretation of Genesis. The multimedia section contains a vast number of full length seminars and videos. 

NORTHWEST CREATION NETWORK is a Christian ministry specialised in educational outreach in creation science apologetics. Fantastic free collection of audio files.




Is Evolution Biblically Acceptable? The Question of Genesis 1 by Rick Phillips (Reformation 21)

Jonathan Sarfarti explains why he, as a qualified Ph.D scientist, became a 'creationist' & could no longer hold on to an evolutionary view of life.

Augustine: young earth creationist — theistic evolutionists take Church Father out of context by Prof. Benno Zuiddam

William Lane Craig’s intellectually dishonest attack on biblical creationists by Jonathan Sarfati




LIST OF CREATION SCIENTISTS: This may surprise some of you but these people are all highly qualified university educated scientists.