Zeitgeist Online Movie

'Zeitgeist' is an online movie that attacks the foundations of Christianity.  The Zeitgeist movie has been circulating on the internet since 2007. In the video its director, Peter Joseph, seeks to persuade viewers that the authors of the New Testament essentially plagiarized the concept of the virgin birth, December 25 as Christ’s birth date, the twelve disciples, the miracles, the crucifixion, and the resurrection from astrological sources and pagan mythology. Thousands have viewed it but how accurate is it?

Not very.

In fact, the academic scholarship of the movie is very poor even by non-religious standards. 



PREVENTING TRUTH DECAY is a good place to start. It refutes Part One of the film very, very well.

ALWAYS BE READY is a good refutation of the movie. It is an analysis & response.

ALL ABOUT TRUTH has an article and video about Zeitgeist.

 Is the Zeitgeist movie true? by Ryan Turner (CARM). Excellent resources that clearly dispel the Zeitgeist conspiracy.

 Is there any validity to the Zeitgeist movie? (Got Questions).




ZEITGEIST: TIME TO DISCARD THE CHRISTIAN STORY? from the Centre of Public Christianity. Features John Dickson.




BERETTA ONLINE PODCAST - EPISODE 038 - a well-researched response to part 1 of Zeitgeist in audio format.