The Story of Rochunga Pudaite

Rochunga Pudaite with his wife Mawii founder of the Bibles for the World


The Kingdom of God is like a Mustard Seed

The Story begins ..

The 1904-1905 Great Revival of Wales greatly affected many.

In 1908, Watkin R. Roberts, a 22 year old Welshman, set off to India to share the Christian message with the people of India.

The North Eastern Hmar tribe were regarded as savages. In 1871, they beheaded over 500 British soldiers. Roberts, equipped with a New Testament, entered the region and shared the goodnews of Jesus with the Hmar people over several years. He primarily taught from the gospel of John.

From the movie: Beyond The next Mountain

Rochunga Pudaite, born in 1927, was introduced by his father Chawnga (an early convert) to Christianity. 

From the movie: Beyond The next Mountain

As a ten year old boy, Rochunga made a 96 mile (150 km) journey alone through the jungles to attend a misson school. His father wanted him to learn to read and write and help the Hmar people to read God's Word. Rochunga made this trip alone four times a year.

From the movie: Beyond The next Mountain

Rochunga went on to earn a master’s degree from Wheaton College. He eventually translated the Bible in the Hmar language for his people and was inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive. He also founded Bibles for the World.

In 1956 Rochunga met the Welsh evangelist Watkins Roberts who bought the gospel to the Hmar people.

From the movie: Beyond The next Mountain

Rochunga Pudaite: “My grandfather was a headhunter. But by God’s grace, today I am a heart-hunter.”

Thanks to the grace of God the region of Hmar, India is primarily Christian.

In fact, it is more Christian than Australia or the United Kingdom!


Youth for christ Choir (Hmar) Churachanpur, Manipur India